Recycling starts with the raw material

Recycling starts with the raw material

Conserving resources and avoiding negative environmental consequences is the current goal of waste management in Germany. It is laid down in the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act and calls for the avoidance of waste and the multiple use of raw materials through recycling. If unavoidable contamination of raw materials already occurs within the production process, expensive recycling cycles are the result.

In this case, it is important to identify contamination of the raw materials already in the internal production process and to feed them into an internal recycling cycle and not to recycle valuable primary raw materials in the form of regrind or recyclate only within the framework of external recycling.


Images: Identification of black specks in white and transparent raw material.

In the current issue of K Zeitung (April 01, 2021), Hilger Groß, Sales Manager of SORTCO GmbH & Co.KG, describes how the in-production use of optical separation techniques from SORTCO can contribute to timely identification of impurities and avoidance of external recycling loops.

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