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“The safe and reliable sorting out of the smallest impurities is a major task that we solve every day at SORTCO.”

Why sorting?

During the production and compounding of plastic pellets, burns in the form of black specks and color deviations are unavoidable. However, they are often so small that they are only noticed as defects during subsequent thermal processing and lead to processing problems and increased scrap. In addition to unnecessary material waste, this leads to time-consuming, personnel-intensive and costly consequential damage.

Compounders and processors with high quality requirements therefore use the SORTCO service and have the raw materials optically sorted.

Our services

We use state-of-the-art, optical sorting processes and combine them with proven, classic techniques.

Mechanical separation processes such as sifting (dedusting) and screening (classifying) additionally increase product quality. Before filling into the desired customer packaging, inductive all-metal separators (metal separators) are used to effectively remove metal particles from the product stream, which may be present loose or enclosed in the granules.

We detect and eliminate minute contaminants in products due to unavoidable variations in machinery and materials or human carelessness.

We inspect each individual granule and separate out defective components. In this way, we achieve the highest levels of purity and raw material quality.

Optoelectronic sorting

We use the innovative, optoelectronic sorting systems of renowned, world-leading machine manufacturers. The systems used utilize the optical product characteristics in such a way that reliable detection leads to reliable separation. In the process, we inspect every single granule.

Dust removal/wind sifting

By sifting solids, we optimally remove dust from the product according to defined criteria. Among other things, the particle size, the density, but also the inertia of the product in the floating or layering behavior of substances are taken into account.

Classification sieving

The separation of solids based on particle size is one of the most widely used separation and sorting techniques of all.


Metal separators for the separation of non-ferrous metals and/or FE metals are used in every sorting process. And this is immediately before the dedusted, screened and optically sorted plastic granulate is filled back into the target packaging.

Quality assurance

Following sorting, the granules are randomly tested in our own laboratory for final quality control. Our laboratory testing system is far superior to the human eye and immediately identifies all color deviations from a size of 50 µm.

Our quality standard

Optical quality is not a random result!

We separate, sort, clean and recondition bulk materials of all kinds and thus achieve the highest degrees of purity and quality. The proof of quality is provided by our analysis procedure, which we have further developed with a well-known manufacturer of testing systems. The measuring procedures of our customers are taken into account and used as a basis for the quality analysis.

We have a wide range of detailed product knowledge, especially from the plastics industry, and thus always guarantee a professionally sound handling of the goods entrusted to us.

Our quality promise

Precision means leaving nothing to chance. That is why we work on the basis of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and further, often stricter customer specifications. Our customers appreciate the fact that we can individually adapt and adopt their quality requirements thanks to the high flexibility of our processes.

Our offer

Material testing

Test us. We are happy to offer to check your material and sort it on a test basis. We document and discuss the results using test reports.

Factory tour

Visit us and experience our high-end sorting on site.