About us

“Our team looks back on 20 years of experience in the development and sales of sorting machines for pellets or plastic granules as well as their production and processing”

SORTCO – the specialist

Since its foundation in 2015, the Hamburg-based SORTCO GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully operating as a professional service provider for sifting, dedusting, sorting and metal separation of plastic granules and granular raw materials.

We are continuously expanding our sorting lines and always keep our production facilities at the cutting edge of technology.

In order to meet the individual requirements of our customers, we cooperate with special sorting machine manufacturers. Since our foundation, we have continuously expanded our team with new employees in the areas of production and process engineering.

In the meantime, we are not only active for our customers as a contract sorter, but rather also see ourselves as a team of experts for all questions concerning the quality of their products before or after the processing process

Our management

Lars Ruttmann
General Manager
Managing Partner

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Hilger Groß
Sales Manager
QM Auditor

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M +49 (0)151 1520 7246
E   gross@sortco.de


Our philosophy

Our strategy

SORTCO uses special, world-leading mechanical and image processing systems. These are the basis for good detection accuracy of all optical impurities present in the granule batches. In a further processing step, the defects are separated from a size of 50µm and upwards, resulting in a previously unavailable raw material quality that is free of any impurities. These materials processed by us are used in demanding optical and technical applications across all industries.

The acquisition of new customers in the plastics processing industry is carried out through a targeted marketing strategy which leads to an increase in our current level of awareness and opens up new markets for us.

Our reliability

Constant and monitored processes are the basis of our actions. Nevertheless, we are constantly changing and improving because we face new challenges with every order from our customers. No order is like the other. We react to this flexibly, but also with the know-how we have developed over many years and by permanently learning new technologies and analysis methods.

Our vision

By using optoelectronic sorting systems from various well-known system manufacturers, we remove the microscopic inclusions and other optical defects that are unavoidable in the compounding process and can occur in plastic pellets. We thus open up new markets and new applications for our customers and avoid expensive reclamation costs. Resources are conserved and active protection is provided for the environment.

As a service provider, we want to be perceived as a reliable partner for our customers in this area.

Our values

Our customers see us as partners in their success. This partnership is important to us. Openness, honesty and fairness in communication and cooperation with our employees and our customers is therefore indispensable and is lived at our company.

Our customers deserve the best we have to offer.  That is why thoroughness is our highest goal – as opposed to superficiality. We set high standards in everything we do, which is why we demand professionalism from every single employee in order to turn a customer into a partner who will recommend us to others out of conviction and positive experience.

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Why have it sorted at SORTCO?

During the production of plastic pellets, partial material burns are unavoidable. To give manufacturers and processors full control over the visual quality of their raw materials, SORTCO inspects every single pellet and separates out defective pellets. Everything we do is about challenging the status quo to achieve the best results. We believe in thinking differently.

We love what we do. That’s why we make the service of “optical sorting” easy and safe for us and for our customers. We successfully separate black specks and discolorations. But we also remove dust, angel hair, metallic particles and other contaminants in the process. We are technically very innovative and use advanced technologies, but in addition we always look at the complex problems of our clients from new perspectives. As a result, we find solutions that feel good to our contacts. Our solutions usually lead to the highest possible optical quality of raw materials.

Our customers in turn deliver optically sophisticated, but above all defect-free plastic granules or products to their customers with a high degree of certainty. They build long-term trust and conquer new markets. They use our service because they are worth it and want to exclude image damage in advance. Instead of spending money on complaints, they use the newly gained potential and develop, for example, new inspiring products.

Everything we do, we do out of passion. We are successful and we believe in our future success because our customers always benefit from visual sorting. Even before we start a business relationship, our own values and beliefs match the values and beliefs of our customers. Otherwise, there is no point in working together. We work to inspire people to do things that inspire themselves. Sustainable success for our people, our company, and our customers drives us again and again. We believe that this gives our customers a stable basis of trust, which they confirm to us again and again through their loyalty.