High-quality Raw Materials for Top-notch Product Quality

It would be hard to imagine many areas of life and industries today without engineering plastics. They are used to make components that have to meet the highest quality standards, particularly in the medical technology, aerospace, automotive and information technology industries. Despite meticulous manufacturing methods in plastics production, pellet contamination remains an issue.

Our team can look back on over 20 years’ experience in the development, sales and distribution of sorting machines for plastic pellets. As your professional service provider, we have been here to assist you with the inspection, de-dusting, sorting and metal-separating of light plastic pellets and pelletised raw materials since 2015.

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Purity Down to the Smallest Detail

Thanks to a high operational capacity, we are able to provide a fast, reliable service for small and large batches. Optical sorting from 60 μm and two-stage inspection ensure nearly 100 % pure pellets. As your professional service provider, we are here to assist you with the inspection, de-dusting, sorting and metal-separating of light plastic pellets and pelletised raw materials.

Smart Sorting Solutions.

Our modern facility in the Brohltal-Ost industrial zone of Niederzissen, in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany, is conveniently linked to the German and European motorway system. We can accept your products as a silo delivery, or packed in octabins, big bags or sacks. Your pellets are typically returned in big bags, but can also be delivered in other container sizes, if desired.

Inspection and De-dusting.

The first step in the cleaning process involves inspecting, de-dusting and screening the starting material. Our sorting lines are equipped with an inspection and de-dusting system and can be adapted individually to suit different products and requirements. We make use of various tried-and-tested de-dusting methods. In order to achieve a satisfactory result, we carry out pre-cleaning with screening technology, as standard, which homogenises the product size.

Optical Sorting

Our special sorting machines detect even the smallest inclusions and black specks down to 60 µm and sort transparent, translucent and colored plastic pellets. A full color sorting machine separates the material according to color and shape. Point recognition of the smallest impurities, spectrum recognition for partially or completely contaminated pellets, and a combination of both methods are possible. We ensure that 100 % of the defective material is removed while hardly any of the good material is rejected by mistake.

Optical Sorting – Schematic Representation

Using a three-stage process, we ensure nearly 100 % pure pellets. Here we combine precision with a high throughput.

1.  Pre-hopper

2.  Feed

3.  High-resolution CCD Kamera

4.  LED product lighting

5.  Ejector nozzles

6.  Good product (white)

7. Rejects / bad product (red)

Metal Separation

At the end of our sorting lines, digital metal separation takes place. In this step, metallic and non-metallic defects are detected and reliably removed.

Screening and Homogenisation

It is not only small impurities that adversely affect the quality of plastic pellets. During production, storage or packaging, the pellets may also become contaminated with coarser impurities such as wood, film or solids. We remove these reliably, too.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers are plastics manufacturers, processors and compounders. Since we process small batches as well as large volume orders from silo vehicles, our customers include small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations.

How can we help you?

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