Inspection and De-dusting

The first step in the cleaning process involves inspecting, de-dusting and screening the source material.

Optical Sorting

We are continuously expanding our sorting lines in order to meet our customers’ requirements.

Metal Separation

In this step, metallic and non-metallic defects are detected and reliably removed.

About Us

Contract-sorting for Plastics - Purity down to the Smallest Detail

Today’s engineering plastics have to meet high quality standards, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and information technology industries. Even the tiniest impurities can make pellets unsuitable for applications in these sectors. Even a meticulous processing chain cannot always prevent contamination. Impurities can be baked in during the production, or during packaging or transport, or because of improper storage.

The Solution? Optical Sorting of the Plastic Pellets.

As your professional service provider, SORTCO GmbH & Co. KG is here to assist you with the inspection, de-dusting, sorting and metal-separating of plastic pellets and pelletised raw materials.

We offer optical sorting with defect recognition from 60 μm for large and small batches and ensure nearly 100 % pure pellets with a very low reject rate.

And how do we do this?


Optical Sorting of Plastics

Optical sorting really pays off when it comes to particularly high-quality and challenging plastics and other pelletised materials. Today, high-performance engineering plastics are used in medical technology, for example, where 100 % purity is essential …

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Construction Site

Here you can see current pictures of our construction site in Niederzissen

Fakuma 2020

SORTCO GmbH & Co. KG will be represented at Fakuma 2020 from 13 to 17 October at the fair Friedrichshafen.

Heavy duty sorting machine

Als professioneller Dienstleister für das Sichten, Entstauben, Sortieren und Metallseparieren von Kunststoffgranulaten und granulatförmigen…

Purity down to the smallest detail

Trotz sorgfältiger Verarbeitungsprozesse in der Kunststoffproduktion kommt es immer wieder zu Verunreinigungen von Granulat.