SORTCO GmbH & Co. KG puts another sorting machine into operation


SORTCO GmbH has been active as a professional service provider for the inspection, de-dusting, sorting and metal-separating of plastic pellets and pelletised raw materials since 2015. Thanks to the high level of demand, a further sorting machine has already been set in operation.

“With the significant expansion of our plant, which is now already running at full capacity again, we are able to meet the high demand for our services”, says Lars Ruttmann, Managing Partner at SORTCO.

This also made it possible for the company to increase its team at the operating facility by employing more technical personnel, so that it can now also carry out defect analyses for customers. Just-in-time sorting services can also still be offered, which, according to the company, has already succeeded in preventing one production stoppage.

“Our new sorting line is modular and mobile, which means that it can be configured and positioned according to the type of application”, explains Lars Ruttmann.

First, extremely effective pre-cleaning takes place in a de-dusting unit. The high-performance PelletSorter DS sorting machine has high-resolution CCD cameras on both sides, which can recognise defects as small as 60 µm. Despite the particularly high spot sensitivity, an innovative surface sensitivity, and even the simultaneous use of both sensitivities, a high throughput is possible.

All parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel, in some cases specially coated, and come from the modular pipework system with detectable U-shaped seals manufactured by JACOB Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, Porta Westfalica. The system also includes an integrated metal detection facility. In a jointly conducted trial, in which various fragments of the U-shaped seals, ranging in size from 60 µm to 400 µm, were added to a neutral compound, it was confirmed that all of the particles were recognised and discarded in the three-stage cleaning process.

The modern facility in the Brohltal-Ost industrial zone of Niederzissen, in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany, is conveniently linked to the German and European motorway system.