SORTCO GmbH & Co. Highest capacities with state-of-the-art equipment in a new production building


SORTCO GmbH & Co. KG has offered optical sorting, dedusting, screening and demetallisation of optically and functionally sophisticated virgin plastics since 2015. The Hamburg-based company has established itself as a sorting service provider due to its steady growth and will also move into a newly built production and administration building in Niederzissen/Rhineland-Palatinate in March 2021. 

The previously rented location in the industrial area near Niederzissen will be given up, as it has become too small for all sorting tasks and could not be expanded. In the future, up to 6 sorting lines with a capacity of 15,000 t./p.a. will be available at the production site, which was newly built especially according to customer requirements. Optical sorting, dedusting, screening and demetallisation of optically and functionally demanding new plastic goods will be carried out there. The facilities in Niederzissen meet highest standards. The separation of black specks and discolorations from a size of 50µm minimum edge length can be offered.

“By using different sorting systems from different suppliers, we see ourselves well equipped for future sorting enquiries and further increasing sorting requirements,” says Lars Ruttmann, Managing Director of SORTCO GmbH & Co. KG.

Every optical sorting process is preceded by a mechanical separation of dust, angel hair, foils, tinsel, husks or other shape-deviating impurities. The separation of loose FE/NE metals or those contained in the plastic granulate is carried out both at the product infeed and immediately before the goods are filled by extremely powerful tubular magnets and inductive all-metal separators.

Separation of black specks from 50µm minimum edge length

“We are particularly proud that, for the first time on the European market, we as a service provider can also offer separations of black specks and discolorations from 50µm minimum edge length”, adds Hilger Groß, Sales Manager at SORTCO. The sorting systems developed by an innovative and well-known manufacturer are characterized by the built-in camera taking pictures of all defects contained in the product. These can be evaluated separately.

In addition to listing the defect size, freely definable defect classes can also be specified or subsequently selected to record defect trends within a defective batch. In the company’s own laboratory, random checks of the sorting settings are carried out during production, as well as the final QA release with automated test systems before the goods are made available for collection again.

SORTCO sees the visual sorting of Silo-accidents as a further field of activity. Logistical accidents in which two products with extreme mixing ratios can occur, can be cleaned up using special sorting systems with a throughput of up to 4 t/h. Currently, the company is considering  the installation of several Silos to be able to receive and sort the accumulating quantities and fill them back into Silo trucks as Silo goods.

At the new, modern location, there are also premises to welcome customers who want to get their own impression of the many possibilities on site or conduct an audit. Workshops on the topic of “Possibilities and limits of optical sorting” are offered.


Address of the new production facility:


Im Neissenacker 2

56651 Niederzissen