Optical Sorting of Plastics – Application Examples

Optical sorting is suitable for particularly high-quality and challenging plastics and other pelletised materials. Today, high-performance engineering plastics are used in medical technology, for example, where 100 % purity is essential.

Extremely stringent quality and purity standards also apply to applications in the automotive, information technology and aerospace industries. Find out more about the types of application for which contract sorting pays off.


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Sorting of Very High-quality Plastics / Raw Materials

Even the smallest impurities, which can come about due to incorrect storage, during packaging, or even during the production process itself, make high-quality compounds unusable for demanding components. But the proportion of good material that lands in the reject bin during sorting must also be kept as low as possible. SORTCO offers you the necessary expertise and adapts the sorting process to your specific needs – whether for small repeated batches or large-scale orders.

Transparent Materials

Different plastics have different properties. Transparent materials present a particular challenge due to their high level of light reflection and the shadows that this causes. SORTCO uses various technologies and can solve this problem by optimising the settings of the special sorting machine. Small impurities are reliably detected and rejected, even if they are in the middle of the product.

Highly Abrasive Materials – the Right Handling Counts!

The many years of experience within our team, combined with ultramodern plant engineering make it possible for us to sort even extremely abrasive materials. Special handling during the process allows the product to be conveyed gently and protects the plant at the same time.

Standard Products – does Sorting Pay Off?

Impurities can also occur in the manufacture of standard products such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyoxymethylene (POM). We are committed to providing customer-oriented services and offer you an economical sorting service thanks to our optimised processes. We create considerable added value for you by offering you the flexibility you need with regard to inbound delivery, packaging options and additional testing of the raw material in an accredited laboratory. We have already helped many customers through supply shortages with our just-in-time solutions.